track color change shft+mousewheel

C9.5 : a fast way to change the color of a track in the project window was to shft+mouse wheel scroll.
not possible anymore in C10. have to go to the mixer window at the bottom…


Now, you have to move your mouse cursor over the track name in the Inspector and then Shift+mouse scroll wheel.

Yes, it doesn’t work in the Track list.

so can anybody fathom why this feature should have been removed? was it making anything else difficult or not functioning? or was it just on a whim?
this is SOOOOOO unbelievably frustrating to know that there is some developer guy going: oh, well lets just change this!
i was always wondering how people in forums can choose to get abusive and angry. well, this (and other similar issues with steinberg, are increasing the frustration level towards more understanding to those individuals. sheer frustration, because there is nobody who takes responsibility! and the guys like you Martin, who deal with the forums, have to cop that frustration. please accept my apology to you Martin, and pass this on to the guy responsible.

In the grand scheme of things is it really an issue worth getting pent up about? Isnt it just as quick to open the pallet with the short-key and select a colour?

This will all have to get looked at again in a maintenance update - I’m sure they’re aware of improvements needed; for example, try to colour multiple selected tracks at once… it can’t be done, as far as I can tell anyway… (I have no events selected, only track headers).

The top menu Toolbar button won’t perform it, or scrolling the Track name in the inspector. You can’t seem to do this from the MixConsole either; no matter how many channels are selected, you can only ever colour one at a time (using the colour strip at the bottom).

Im not totaly with you on this one. Are you saying that the color tool (wich you will have to ad to the toolbar in the setup menu) dont color your selected tracks? It works just fine on my system. It even says “color selected tracks or events”

Thanks for the reply. Was just about to come in and edit my post above…

So, must be some voodoo or other going on; I fire up Cubase this morning and am tinkering around and I don’t know why, but everything ‘colour’ related seems to be working fine…!! :open_mouth:

Cue further 10 minutes of trying to ‘break’ things with all sorts of combinations/modifiers/selections/Track type/Mixer/Arrange window etc… Can’t do it. Its all. Working. Fine. :confused:

i understand your viewpoint. but what does “grand scheme” mean to you, doesn’t mean the same to me. you might have never used the feature to zip through coloring fast. maybe you are not a very visually inclined person.
if i would be used to the “new” workflow as it is now probably no biggie. but when you work with a DAW for 20 years and suddenly they remove or change (without a compelling reason !!) a previous functionality, yes , that is a biggie. just wait till it hits a feature that is important in your workflow and they tinker with it. you will get it then.

bottom line: don’t change things without compelling reasons and just for “looks”

I must apologise , there was another thread on the same topic i had opened and a post I saw was really rediculious. Hence “the grand” bit. Thought i posted in that thread.

Anyway… yeah i use colour tools ALL the time. Dont you use the short key to bring up the pallet and colour multiple tracks at any time? That way the pallet does not close and you don’t need to keep opening it. Shift Scrolling always seemed like an endless chore. Especially if you use a big pallet with lots of colours and shade variations.

The other selection method thats missing (thats pretty damn annoying) is multi colouring selected tracks in the mixer using the channel colour tab. I don’t think they intended to remove such features, just simply forgot to add them back in after re-working the GUI.

didn’t know that. i have to try. could be workable…

You don’t need the Shift Key. Just scrolling the mouse wheel changes the colour on my system.

the permanent floating color works actually well for my purposes.
i would propose a variation that i think would be even smoother.

instead of the chunky floating window that covers up other windows, put the color palette as a long strip below or above the arranger window.
selecting parts or tracks and then clicking on the desired color would do the trick fast.

it would be good if colorization would be consistent in the way that when you have a track selected in the mixer, choosing a color would work the same way. it does not do that now. also, the mouse scrolling that works on the track name in inspector does not work in the mixer.