Track colors change

Hey all,

Probably a quick and easy one for you all,

So I’ve noticed since Cubase 10 that my track default colors are rather… dull. Before they were bright and vibrant, and now they kind of look like pastel chalk. Which is probably fine for some, and I DO like them, but I’d also like the option for the bright ones too. So I went up to the track color menu, and I’ve noticed that the option is gone to manually adjust colors, beyond what is in that default menu… which never used to be the case.

Am I missing something here? did it go away? or just relocate somewhere I’m not seeing?


If you mean the Parts and events colours in the Arranger area, then this has been changed by purpose. You cannot change it back.

So I’m limited to those 12 colors in there?? That’s rather silly. Why would they take that functionality away?


No I are not limited to these 12 colors. You can define hundreds of own colors.

Ok that’s what I’m asking… can you tell me exactly where I can change these colors?

Project/Project Colors Setup


You nailed it. Thank you so much, you have no idea how much you made my day. I’ve been looking in the preferences menu for days now thinking I’ve just been missing it and it’s there somewhere - I never even thought to check the pull downs.

Thanks sir! Lifesaver!