Track colours

I’m losing SO much time actually creating music with this latest upadate!! (Cubase 10.5)

Please, please could someone tell me how to group change the colour of tracks?
If I multiple select tracks and choose the colour in the palette, the actual parts will change colour (wavs etc, not the tracks)

This was true in earlier versions if those parts (wavs) were selected, but if JUST the tracks were selected and all parts were de-selected, one could group change the track colours.

Even if I multiple select tracks AND click Q-link I am unable to change multiple tracks to the same colour.
I can do it individually - but this is SO time wasting.
Any help gratefully received - thanks, CT

If you have any Parts selected when you change colors those Parts and not the selected Tracks will change color. Make sure to deselect all Parts before trying to change a Track’s color. FYI, this has been the case for a long time and has nothing to do with the latest update.

I just verified it still works this way, so you must have something else coming into play. Can you list the exact steps you are taking when this occurs so others can reproduce the problem.

You can change color of multiple selected channels like this

The OP is saying this doesn’t work when they attempt it.