Track Controls

On 7.5 when I narrowed the track controls strip, in the project window, the buttons would “wrap” into the rows below as long as I had the vertical space on the track for them. In Pro8 I cannot get the buttons to wrap so unless I have the strip very wide many of the buttons are hidden.
In the menu for track control settings the “help” button mentions a wrap option but this does not seem to be implemented as far as I can see. The manual does not mention it.

Is there a way to do this?

Also is there a way to change the font on the track label in track controls. Pro8 seems to be using a chunky bold font - whereas the inspector and mixer have an “ordinary” font.

Any pointers appreciated :slight_smile:


“Wrapping” has gone in Cubase 8, I’m afraid.
But it is possible to have greater control now of the Track Controls layout, via the Track Controls Setting dialog (“gearwheel” at the bottom-right of the Tracklist)

Please bring back wrapping (as an option at least).

Not having that option is a backward step in my view. :frowning: So the choice is now have the buttons hidden or take up a large area of screen unnecessarily.


You can rearrange the buttons now… BUT, any time you resize the arrange window, you have to rearrange the buttons again. Automatically wrapping buttons are much better in my opinion. I miss them.

in cubase 7.5 when moving the track width and length,the controls (record,monitor,solo etc buttons) used to rearrange themselves . in track control setting there was an option to tick “wrap” now i don’t see that option in cubase 8 !!
its gone or it is elsewhere ?
(why removing and changing things that were ok and users used it as option, i don’t get it ! )

There’s another thread on this somewhere, but yeah, it’s difficult to imagine what they were thinking. I don’t recall anyone complaining about the old behavior, so why “fix” this when there are plenty of complaints about other things. Steinberg has a talent for one step forward, two step backwards adjustments to things. I’ve never used another piece of software where you lose useful features every version that comes out.

yep… those decisions are very odd !!
i hope in cubase 9 they won’t remove the play and record buttons :nerd:

+1. This is totally annoying.

I noticed this too! SUPER ANNOYING.

Track Control Settings has an option in the lower left, Control Area Width, that will smoosh them together. Not as cool though…NOT BY FAR

It’s in the c8 manual still, but can’t see it either. So could be a glitch?

+1 Please return this function

And a smaller, not-bold (or adjustable) font for the track name would be nice too. It seems that every improvement by Steinberg uses up more screen real-estate. Vsti rack…

i think i remember reading this was to ensure a cleaner look.

apparently this goes along with the 152 styles of scrollbars, just in case you got tired of how totally samey they look elsewhere.

Speaking of which, can the VST Rack be narrowed AT ALL? One width only?! Pretty much have it OFF all the time cuz its too wide.

The “word wrap” feature reminds me of the same function in MS Excel and Windows Notepad lol…and is super essential when narrowing cells/workspace

I hope it’s something they just didn’t get to in time, and it is coming in a future update.

yes, REALLY annoying!

This is a pretty useless feature IMO. You can ONLY arrange controls on a single line. (and you can’t use empty space under the Mute/Solo buttons, or to the right of the track name.

I find it laughable when I’ve widened the track control section out, but the name of my track is still Ele…B, just because I shortened “Name” to 6 or 7 characters, and it refuses to spell out “Electric Guitar B” even though there is plenty of room.

There can’t be a reason why this new method of setting the “length” is better, and why we should just get used to it, can there?

Just for consistency they also crippled Nuendo 7 the same way - I’m furious! The wrap feature worked perfectly!