Track conversion: From VST to MIDI


Is there a one button function to convert a VST track into a Midi track to assign a synth from an external device?


What is a vst track ?

I meant a VST instrument, like Halion etc

You fail to say which version of Cubase you’re using, but with Pro, just set up the external instrument in your studio connections and change the output of the track from whatever you’re currently using to the external instrument you wish to use

Cubase 10.5 , I did all these by using MODx connect VST plugin, but not able to trigger any sound with it. Would prefer to really transform an instrument track into Midi track without duplicating the events recorded. I am using a Focusrite Scarlett audio-midi interface.

Just drag the part from the Instrument Track to the MIDI one?

That is one way, thanks mate