Track created in the mixer but not visible in project?

I have a Project I brought over from C10.5 and loaded it in C11. Here’s what is happening. As I go to the Project TAB (top of the Project) and add a Instrument track, say Padshop, the track DOES NOT appear in the Project track list - BUT - it does appear in the mixer and the instrument appears as well. OK, I have nothing hidden and I have checked that all tracks are visible via the various check points. Then I go to the Channel/Track area window of the Project and right click on a blank area - and select ‘add track’… and a new Channel/Track WILL APPEAR along with the other visible track channels (still hiding the invisible track that shows up only in the mixer). Now at this point, I can go to the Project tab and select to add a track AND this time the track WILL APPEAR in the channel/track list. What is this all about? Anybody else notice this or do I have an oddly compromised Project? It works fine in !0.5.

Oddly enough, if I create a track in the Channel/Track area of of the Project FIRST, then when I go to ‘add track’ from the Project TAB, then everything works as expected, all Channel/Track(s) are visible. Just me? The work around for me was to create a track from the Channel/Track area and then resave the Project. But now I have to check all my saved Projects…


What do you mean by the “Project TAB”, please? Do you mean the + button above the track list in the Project window?

Do you always add an Instrument track? Isn’t any track type filtered out in the project?