Track delay and delay compensation

Can somebody tell me if it’s finally possible to set track delay and external effects delay compensation in samples rather than just in ms?

(I guess I already know the answer… :frowning: )


Nope, but you can change the track ruler to samples (right click it) and then move the whole track contents left or right the required number of samples.

Yes, that’s a very cumbersome workaround for a problem that would be really easy to solve…

why do you need it in samples? most external hardware gives delay times in ms.

Actually analog hardware itself doesn’t have latency at all, so it is always defined by the converter, which runs in samples.

If it’s digital it does, that’s what the External FX Insert latency compensation is for.

When you go the External FX window (F4) it shows samples there so you can keep putting in milliseconds until you get the samples you want. Not the quickest but still works. Or just use a calculator. Usually these are only entered in once so not something that should take much extra time.

I have been working on a new setup where my mic pres can be used as an insert. I have an Apogee Ensemble TB interface and I can’t get Cubase 11 to detect any delay. I’m sure there is some. I’m going out Analog and in Analog but it always comes up with zero. I guess this old bug is still a bug or I just have so fast of an interface that it really is zero.