Track delay automation

Hi guys,

Is it possible to automate the track delay? I’ve tried to do it the normal way - clicking the red ‘W’, pressing play and making my adjustments to the delay in the track inspector. But when I click on the automation lane tab to select my automation parameter the track delay isn’t there. Nor can I find it in the ‘add parameter’ folder. Does Cubase 7 even allow track delay automation?


No but some other plugin may. Voxengo sample delay comes to mind but I haven’t tried automating it. If it does, that plugin will have to be introducing a bit of a latency to allocate a buffer window to do its thing…

if you only want to positively delay, a standard echo plugin set to 100 percent wet / zero feedback / no filtering / set to automate the dly in ms may help you better.

Yeah I guess that’ll have to do. It’s a shame as my plugs dont have the level of resolution I’m after that cubase does. Plus they suck up CPU like a mo fo.It’s so annoying that you can’t automate the cubase version!

create a group as output for the track you want to automate. add audio track with group as input and record while playing with the track delay, no plugins needed :slight_smile: