Track delay compensation

Hello :grinning:
I have been using various libraries inc Jaegar by Audio Imperia.
Now they had suggesting I started by adjusting the sample start delay to zero,on the instrument in Kontakt.
And once recorded, set the sample start back to the recommended amount, both on the instrument and the actual track .in Cubase 11.
Does the delay compensation actually get recorded ,once I finished?


I’m sorry, I’m afraid I didn’t get the point… Could you try to explain it other way, or make a video screen recording, please?

Hi Martin.

So I’m using Audio Imperia Jaegar,and been advised to use the sample start control ,in their Kontakt instument say violins ,for legato.

Been advised to record ,the violns,setting their sample start at zero.Then to set the sample start back to 125ms,for playback

And do the same on the Cubase track delay,setting 125ms.(both instument and track thesame)

Does this track delay setting get recorded into the track I’m recording?

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I believe that the track delay setting only affects how that track plays back, so if you had 125ms delay applied it would still record to the grid but you would hear it delayed. Even when record enabled it will be shifted, as it’s still routing through the track for monitoring purposes.

The main settings in the VST options, such as adjust recording for latency and shift +/- options are where you’d affect offsets to recordings into the timeline. Make changes here and it will be a more permanent change, although largely only affects audio.

What is the actual issue your incurring with that particular instrument? Sounds like you will be applying two lots of manual delay compensation, when Cubase should be able to detect the latency of plugins and stagger playback across all tracks to remain in sync.

…Is it possible they saying add a +125ms latency and offset your incoming MIDI by -125ms during record? If so, you can assign delays to MIDI IN via the MIDI modifiers, may be what you’re wanting?

Be careful you’re not fighting against the built-in PDC, with what you’re doing. It’s probably worth just explaining what you’re trying to do, or what the problem is. I’ve managed to confuse myself now. :frowning:


The track delay settings is not recorded to the track.

Thank you for explaining this SkiJumptoes :grin:
I am using Audio Imperia’s Jaegar with some violins (legato) and seen the advice in their manual that I should start by adjusting the delay compensation ,on the instrument in Kontakt,to zero.
Record the notes played,and then adjust the delay compensation back to its original position 125ms say. Apply that same amount to my track, to compensate.
So the playback is more natural sounding and of course synced to the tempo/metronome.
As Martin said the delay compensation is not recorded
I’m still trying to wrap my brain round this,too,ha,ha :grinning:
And still learning as we all are,no musician here,but will have a go,lol

Thanks very much Martin,appreciate your time and help :grinning: