Track Delay - for Audiomovers Listento

I teach a music production class using Zoom and Cubase. I have been successfully using the AudioMovers ListenTo plug-in to send hi fi audio to the students online. But, of course there is a 500 ms delay in the audio they hear (this is adjustable in the plug-in).

I use TRACK DELAY with a negative number (-500 ms) on each track to make the visual display in sync with the audio they hear.

Is there a way to change the track delay on several tracks at once?

I don’t think there is a way to change the track delay at once, but you can try the Voxengo latency delay on master bus and set negative amount there to shift all at once up to 10000 samples, so you need a few instances to get 500ms.

This is interesting… Are you saying that with the Voxengo plug-in I can make the audio play 10000 samples EARLY from the master bus compared to the visual display?! If so I’ll try it!
I am working at 48K, so 10000 samples would be about 1/5 second… Have you tried putting two instances in series?

Yes. The plugin reports 10000 samples buffer to the host, the host plays back everything goes through the plugin earlier by 10000 samples but the plugin actually does not buffer. So the screen position and audio position is displaced by 10000 samples.
The plugin is usually used to compensate delays caused by external devices or problematic plugins. And in your use case it perfectly matches the need.
I had never inserted 2 or more instances at once, but I can’t foresee any reason why it doesn’t work for you, so try that, it’s free and very safe.

Awesome ! Thank you for the help. I’ll try it. I already use and love their SPAN analyzer plug-in…