track delay in realtime?

is it possible to somehow delay a track in realtime? I have mostly eurorack gear (so CV, not MIDI) and then two midi devices (Analog four and Moog Sub 37). The MIDI devices are like always quite terrible in terms of latency and jitter, it’s all over the place 7ms delay, 26ms delay, it’s never on time with my CV gear (which are like a clock, never any jitter and they keep up with VST’i’s just fine).

I’m thinking a slight delay (10 ms or so) on my eurorack tracks (and VSTI’s, if i would ever use them) would work well to get it all in slightly better sync. I know i can export with compensation, but i use Cubase to perform “live” via e.g youtube or instagram etc so it’s not too interesting to process it like that unless i want to make a finished song etc.

Is this possible somehow? The track delay-thing is not realtime, at least i have not been able to get it to delay in realtime.

Any help or suggestions would be great, thanks!


Yes, you can do so. In the main tab (track name), under the Volume and Pan slider, there is Track Delay in Milliseconds slider.

No, that’s not realtime… it only works when finalizing the track, then it will export the .wav with the setting.

You can try it yourself with extreme values and you will notice it has zero effect on sync.

What do you mean by “Real Time”, please?

“real time” means you hear the effect of what you are doing in real time, not after exporting.

Is this what you mean?

Yes, this is what I was refering to. Thank you. This shifts the whole track ahead or later.

I know what does “Real Time” mean in general, but I don’t understand your use case. Do you want to hear it delayed while recording and Monitoring?