Track Delay, why not realtime?

I’m not sure if the audio for the track is realtime, but the rendering of the wav file surely isnt.

as you see - there’s no visual difference between 0 delay and an immense -2000 delay, the render looks the same.

This is the original track + audio exported, then imported again-track.
I tested several different delays before i got it just right. -5 seems to do the trick:

Why is this? It would be extremely helpful to visually see what the track delay does to your recorded audio, then you can quickly see if your recording is in time or not. Yes, you can export and import or why not just cut your tracks and line them up by hand etc… but surely this would be more convenient for the users, to directly see and hear the result.

Is there away around this perhaps? I had hoped this was fixed in 9.5… i found an old post from when i had Cubase 8 where i asked about this…

This would be a good feature request (and it looks like you already submitted a FR).

I don’t remember the track delay ever functioning visually like you want. It is definitely the reason why that, for years, I never used the track delay function (because I liked things to “line up” visually). So I used to cut and move stuff to line them up. But… the track delay function is so easy to use that now I use it (almost exclusively) as necessary to sync things or to create effects.

Regardless… good idea. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

I mean it must be like the simplest thing ever to program, to push your .wav file back or forth in the track by the amount you put into Track Delay.

Very strange to leave such an important feature out year after year and instead work on way more complex things that probably no one ever even asked for.

I can hardly be alone working with external gear + plugins and having slight delays for the external gear. Getting a tight sounding track is very important + when you cut your track you want to do this so that you don’t cut out a part of the attack because you are not properly lined up.
-5ms is a very small delay but still… this stuff is important for music creation in a DAW since there is no 0 latency sound cards afaik.