track delay

hi,i am following a tutorial in compter music mag.
they are using live 9 and say to set the return tracks delay to -38ms.
there dosent seem to be a setting for track delay in fx channels in Cubase.
how do I do this?

Cubase has automatic delay compensation, so for internal FX you need to do nothing. If you are using external FX or instruments, you can set them up in VST connections and type the required delay in there.


thanks for reply.
but im not hearing the desired effect that -38ms wuld give.

Track delay is found in the inspector next to a clock icon with arrows on both sides of it.

Oh, but not for FX channels. My bad.

Maybe this would do the trick?

the voxengo plug dosent seem to go into minus,is that right?

Could you set a negative delay on the track you’re sending from ?