track disable should OFF plugs

Would make sense that if a track is disabled the plugins on said track turn OFF to save DSP… otherwise the user must disable each plug manually to conserve DSP.

…and show regions as muted when track is disabled.

All in the interest of less clicks and more clarity for the user.

We all want it to be the way you have asked. But in the meantime, make a macro that will disable the selected track, then select all the regions on the track and mute them. This is what I have done to make things look more clearly disabled.

… except if you have regions that are already muted on said tracks…


Agreed… they do not change the mute state of the region, they just “appear” muted (gray) when track is disabled, so visually its obviously that region/s are not being heard.

I put my disabled tracks in a folder. and close it

I do too but they still show in the mixer and still distract in the project…

I wish there were a hide or archive that didn’t KILL the track date but just hid it from mixer and project.

…and still streamline disable as discussed… it just makes sense.