Track end marker change after rendering

Every time I make a rendering I have a change regarding the last marker i.e. the track end marker (another one is added). I already complained already about it for a long time (from my first WaveLab 8 ), but nothing happen yet.
I do not care about all the sophistication WaveLab 8.5 could bring to end users. All I am doing are only basic things , but at least I would expect that these basic functions work properly!

What kind of change? CD track markers are quantized to CD frame boundaries (588 samples).

A cd track start marker was added closed to the CD end marker of the file, so close that I thought it was a CD splice marker at the end of the file. But looking at the marker window I saw that they were distinct,the added marker was close to the CD end marker but I cannot remember how milliseconds but it was milliseconds!
I always do the same thing i.e. on a file of let say 700 MB I add manually and name all CD markers by hand, let say 10 markers in all, then I do a rendering very straightforward: Maximiser at 45 + Crystal resampler 48kHz->44.1kHz + Dithering 16bit (always on) then I make a Basic Audio CD and I discovered I have now 11 markers so one more marker! Looking at the rendering file I saw that a marker was added behind my back!

In a Wave file, when you add a CD marker, WaveLab automatically adds the counter part CD marker (start/end), to keep a valid sequence. But this happens when editing, not when saving. Maybe the problem comes from there. If you find a reproducible case, please tell me.

Thanks Philippe but when I begin, the master file has no marker at all, so the first thing I do is to add the start maker and so the EOF marker is automatically put in place, right? Then according to the number of scenes or tunes I put by hand CD tracks splice markers then I save the file. Last time I even locked all the markers has it could only help? Once the file is saved, I suppose it is not when I create a basic audio CD that and extra marker is added? Today I did a new audio CD from scratch and it was fine, so I am pretty sure that is it on the rendering process that something strange happen, that an extra marker is added. By the way I had no answer from a last post about markers on wavelab element: there is no consistency for markers between wavelab 8 and wavelab element 8! the EOF marker disappears when using element! This is really unexpected from such a professional software. It is not very often now that I use Element but if I forgot my dongle I sometimes use it to playback wav files, and I was really surprised by this strange behaviour!

WaveLab Elements does not support all the markers of WaveLab.

Of course I know that but in my post it was question of CD markers that Wavelab Element supports, right?
And what about this extra marker no explanation?
Very disappointing indeed!

Wavelab Element don’t use any CD marker.

For the extra CD marker you mention, I don’t remember another similar report. Hence, there is certainly a special way to produce this. This is why I am asking you to watch for a way to reproduce the problem.

Wavelab Element doesn’t have CD markers but THEY ARE SEEN in the marker window anyway, once they have been put in place from WaveLab, so as they show up in the marker window, why not put them in consistency with WaveLab !

If I understood well, I am the only one who has this problem. Many thanks for your help.

There are seen because there are “markers”. If you open the .wav file in another software, you will see them too.
But they are not treated as “CD markers”.