Track export not maintaining mono/stereo

Hi. Just done an export of mono audio and stereo instruments tracks to a new project but I’m not entirely happy with the results. I was expecting the audio to come across as mono and the instruments as stereo. However, most of both types have come across as stereo; some are mono, though. Looking at it, I think the mono/stereo outcome is determined by the last output in the audio chain (not including Stereo Out), i.e the final group. But I left groups out of the export so why are they being taken into account?

Surely when exporting a mono track, the result should be mono, don’t you think?


It depends on the settings in the Export Audio Mixdown window. Do you downmix to mono? Could you attach a screenshot of the Expert Audio Mixdown settings you have, please?

I know about the mono mixdown option but didn’t see it with these settings…

As you can see, the audio channels are all mono and I’ve changed their outputs to Stereo Out (from stereo groups) but they still export as stereo. The only tracks that export as mono are routed to a mono group first.


You can find it under the “Export as”, where yo have the “Interleaved” option selected.

The Channel configuration doesn’t affect the Export. It depends on the Export settings only.

As I feared. It wouldn’t be so bad if there was a simple mono/stereo conversion feature…

Thanks for the help.

Do other DAWs have a built in button that does “make stereo wave file to mono wave file?” I don’t even remember PT doing that but it’s been a while with PT.

There are a few different methods.

The way I do it is a couple commands configured in a macro.

Assuming your Wave part is focused,

  1. Find selected in pool>
  2. convert files>
  3. enter>
  4. enter.

The last enter is because it gives a warning that this function can’t be undone so be careful.

With Metagrid I insert some short pauses, however I’m guessing this should work just fine as a basic Cubase Macro.

There you have it. One button to convert.

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Sorry, I’m still getting used to this new forum format. See above to configure 1 button to make a stereo to mono wave.

That’s how it works in Cubase. If the track is routed to a Mono Bus you’ll get Mono files, if they are routed to a Stereo Bus you’ll get stereo files.
If you want to use the Mono bounce as mentioned it will bounce ALL files to mono.

Just another note, you might have missed, the new feature ‘Chain’ mixdown option which is SUPER handy and I use it on every export of individual tracks I do now. This helps when exporting multiple file types such as mono/stereo. So for example, I would first change my project to only show Audio files using the tracks filter (Project Window) then just select tracks you want to export, then go to multi-track export and use the Chain feature. Done.

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Thanks, @greggybud and @beerbong, I’ll check those out :+1:

Sorry, @Martin.Jirsak, I mustn’t have read your post properly, it is indeed the ‘Mono Downmix’ option I should have used. Just had it confirmed by one of the product team via @dspreadbury.