Track folder "Master" lane issue

Please see attached screenshot. In C7, the master lane does not follow the lanes inside, and can’t be edited either. One has to manually edit each lane inside the folder. (i’m talking length here, obviously). This is not a constant bug. It happens after a while.

Strange, I have not seen that before.

However I use the option that the folder track does not display data when it is opened, that way it gets refreshed every time you open and close it.
I am distracted if the folder AND the tracks in it show data, thats why.

Whether the lane contains info or not, it still should be working :wink:

Your use of the term ‘Master’ and ‘lanes’ was confusing until I saw your image. I was imagining you were referring to the track master image as a mirror of the current lane (as per Steinberg term).

I would have called the folder track’s image an ‘overview’ and what you termed ‘lanes’, are tracks as per Steinberg.