Track folding 'BUG' - Confirmed. Steiny Hellloo?

This wasn’t fixed in 5.5.3 and is also in 6… on pc and mac.

  1. create 4 midi tracks
  2. Click the 4th midi track
  3. Click its + volume button to make the volume automation track to unfold.
  4. Click the volume track, then hit ‘z’ to maximise it…
  5. now click the - volume button to make the volume track disappear.
  6. Now the top MIDI track is selected…Why? surely the 4th one should be as this is what i was editing?
  7. In large projects, cubase also shoots up to the top track so you have to scroll down to find the track you were editing again, and if you have record automatically selected in prefs, it also arms the 1st track…v annoying…

This bug has been confirmed in 5.5.3 6.00 and 6.0.1 by other users. Steiny?

I haven’t tried your specific directions but to keep it on Steiny radar I know from experience when clicking on any audio/midi or instrument track and using the arrow up or down keys often it jumps a few tracks here and there so in that way it is random behavior.

Thanks for registering it. It’s a very reproducible bug. Basically if you collapse any selected foldable item, cubase reverts to selecting the first track.

The only “workaround” I can suggest is to use a hardware controller but of course one should not have to purchase additional hardware when a mouse and keyboard should work fine.

You don’t need a workaround for this one, it’s just very very annoying…

P.s. this happens on 5.1 too. All versions so far…

There’s some other related info here (with a temporary workaround):-

The problem is with any folded track. And no, as said so in that thread, the suggested w/around is not ideal - but at least SB do say they understand and are going to look into it some more.