Track freeze intelligent management

I would love the following features :

  • Multiple track freeze/freeze (as requested by so many people)
  • Shortcut to freeze/unfreeze

but also new suggestions like :

  • Background freeze processing (instead of a dialog box). DOP already works in background, so why not ?
  • Auto unfreeze/freeze (if the option is activated): if there is a tempo change, Cubase can update the tracks. If I want to edit a plugin, it can unfreeze temporarly, and freeze again in background when another track is selected. Possibility to add another plugin as insert on a empty slot below occupied slots, without unfreezing. Once done Cubase updates automatically the frozen track in background.
  • Intelligent autofreeze for the whole project : detects most consumming tracks and auto freeze them in background, auto unfreeze when editing.

With such an option (intelligent autofreeze), the load capacity of a computer would be dramatically expanded. Maybe that suggestion is not convenient with the load time of VST instruments, like samplers. A workaround would be to offer multiple options :
1.Intelligent autofreeze
2.Intelligent autofreeze but keeps instruments loaded in memory (then they do not use CPU anymore, but in case the track is unfrozen they are ready to go)

+1 for advanced freezing
(but if not at least the regular multi track freeze/unfreeze for start)