Track has automation that is not visible?

Hey guys,

I have a track loaded with a vst instrument in which the filter cutoff is automated, but I cannot see the automation lane:

The track has only volume automated. But I can see the cutoff knob moving and also if I switch off the ‘R’ (read) then the cutoff automation doesn’t take place.

I’m trying to understand where is the automation lane and how can I eliminate it? Is this a bug?
This is a duplicated channel, so maybe it comes from another channel but why can’t I see it?

Thanks in advnace

If you click where it says “Volume” you can pick any other automation parameter available on the Track.

If you want to see more than one parameter at a time, add more visible Lanes using the “+”


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Oh right thanks a lot!

There are some more commands available…
Have a look…

you can use the “Show used automation” command…
this bring up the lanes that contain data