Track header without automation knobs

On the track header are buttons :

  • read automation
  • write automation
  • show lanes
    Because i don’t need automation in the composing setup i like to remove those automations buttons from the track headers for a a cleaner look of the projectwindow

How to toggle those buttons off?

right click on the track header and select “Track Control Settings…”

from the box that opens, select the track type you want to change at the top, then move the icons you don’t want to see from the right hand “visible” box to the left hand “hidden” box. you can even adjust the layout of the track header here.

At a certain point the automatins icons appear , but now in a projectfile i don’t see them anymore…
Well now i now it how to do this.

Could i do this global for all trackheaders at once : no automations buttons ?