Track Icons for you

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I hope they do work? No C7 till monday…

Yeah they work great! Thanks again!

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It might not be appreciated by some (linking to the Reaper website), but while looking for tracks icons, I ran into these:

I haven’t tried them yet (C7 is still in the mail), so I don’t know how they will turn out…

Thanks Pixie,
good icons, though too small to zoom, but good.

the .dll extension…

will these load with the plugin ? or will they need to be added manually ?


I wanna great Track Pictures in Photoshop… But my saved picture’s background is always black & white… What kind of pictures should be included?

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I’m not really into track icons … at all!!!
But I have to see at least a few of these in context, because the don’t look that bad, not bad at all!

Thanx, man!

Yes it is (Cubase 7 and 7.5). We can add icons in mixconsole.

Here is my contribution (.png with transparency and some .jpg files):

Images for:

Vienna Instruments, Vienna Ensemble, Aria Player, Ivory, UVI workstation, Kontakt 5, The Grand 3, Addictive drums, Addictive keys, Philharmonik CE, Sampletank 2, Padshop and Retrologue (in colors), Halion Sonic, Groove Agent and Steinberg icon.

A few I created…

Here are a bunch that i’ve done…

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Hello all !
I made a dedicated page of it on my website.
All my custom track icons are free to download and I made a video tutorial about it with a really cool tips (English and French).
Hope you will enjoy it !

Here is my new collection of .png and .ico files for Cubase Mixconsole.

Images included:
VST instruments & Hosts:

Air Music Xpand! 2
Aria Player
Arturia CS-80 V4
Ik Multimedia SampleTank 3
Native instruments Alicia Keys
Native Instruments Kontakt 5
Native Instruments Kontakt 6
Novation Bass station
VI Labs Ravenscroft 275
Steinberg Groove agent 3
Steinberg Groove agent
Steinberg Halion Sonic
Steinberg Halion
Steinberg Padshop 2
Steinberg Retrologue 2
Steinberg The Grand 3
Synthogy Ivory II
Toontrack EZdrummer 2
Toontrack EZdrummer 3
UVI Workstation
VSL Vienna Ensemble 6
VSL Vienna Ensemble 7
VSL Synchron pianos
VSL Synchron player
VSL Vienna imperial
VSL Vienna instruments
VSL Vienna instruments pro
Waves Electric 200
XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2
XLN AUdio Addictive drums 2 (new logo)
XLN Audio Addictive keys
XLN Audio Addictive keys (new logo)

Guitar & bass virtual amps and simulation

k Multimedia Amplitube 4
Kuassa Creme
Mercuriall Reaxis
Mercurial Spark
Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5
Neural DSP Archetype Petrucci
Neural DSP Archetype Plini
Neural DSP Darkglass ultra
Neural DSP Parallax
Overloud Mark studio 2
Overloud TH2
Overloud TH3
Plugin alliance Bassdude
Plugin alliance Megadual
Softube Eden WT-800
Steinberg VST amp rack
Steinberg VST bass amp

Effects (images useful for send channels)

Arturia Chorus-jun 6
Arturia mini filter
Lexicon LXP
Native Instruments driver
Native Instruments Phasis
PSP Audioware 608D
PSP Audioware B-scanner
PSP Audioware Easy verb
PSP Audioware Echo
PSP Audioware Nexcellence
PSP Audioware Pianoverb 2
PSP Audioware Springbox
PSP Audioware PSP42
Softube Fix Flanger
Softube TSAR-1R
Softube Tube delay
Softube Fix doubler
Steinberg Modmachine
Steinberg multitap delay
Steinberg Phaser
Steinberg Ping pong delay
Steinberg Revelation
Steinberg Reverence
Steinberg Roomworks
Steinberg Stereo delay
Steinberg Studio chorus
VSL Vienna MIR Pro
VSL Vienna MIR Pro 3D
Waves H-delay


Thank you

I only read today… Better late than never!
Thank you everyone!