Track Icons in Nuendo? (Solved)

Cubase Pro 10.5 has track icons, which I found it useful. Is Nuendo 10 going to incorporate the feature? :unamused:

In Nuendo 10.3 it does use track Icons as well as just about everything Cubase has.

I am a newbie with Cubase or Nuendo. Would you mind showing me how to turn it on for the track icons in Nuendo 10? Thank you in advance!

It is done the same way as Cubase. I use the mixer but make sure that the track picture icon is enabled from the setup drop down menu for the mixer. Right click in the empty picture area and the icon browser should open. There you can select an icon.

I found it! Thank you so much!
I just needed to enable the “show track pictures” function. Duh… :mrgreen: