Track ID

If you are not an experienced user, this might not be for you … :wink: Rather special, but very promising IMO. I’ll try to make this as short and easy, as possible:
I would like to give each Midi-Track in a project something like a “Track-ID”. I want to let an external porgram know, which track got selected/record enabled last. Why? I want to let the external program (Max MSP) know, which track got selected, to change the user gui accordingly. Via a Midi Loopback I want to feed an external controller with feedback. Think of this like a remote control like the Mackie Control or euphonix mix. I just don’t want control of the selection of channelstrip controls, but rather a selection of midi CCs for the chosen channel. Do you read me? :slight_smile: Has anyone an idea, if/how that might work?
The Track ID could be an unused Midi Command, like sysex, whith two numbers (1-20 for Port 1-16 for Channel). This way I could route the feedback from the proper channel back to the controller and see the recorded automation, while being able to overwrite it (given, that CC are set to automation rather than reecorded on track). I can store such a number in the midi-device panel. However, what I don’t get is an easy way of triggering it.
Preferably, I would like to trigger it upon selection of the track. There would be no additional action required and the controller could always reflect the automation data from the track selected.
An acceptable alternative would be to trigger the Track ID manually (via a button on the external controller). The only downside is, this wouldn’t work properly, when multiple track were record-enabled. But that’s ok!
I tried to do this via the Macki Control protocoll, but this is really complicated to figure out. Maybe somone happens to know an easier way to get this working. I am a very expirienced user, but new to Cubase. Hence, someone might be able to help me on this. My eternal thanks to that person! :smiley:

With Generic Remote device you can at least send information about which channel is selected.

Wow! Could you tell me how I can do that?

I’m afraid the detailed instructions would take hours to write with dozens of screenshots, but basic idea is:

  1. Add General Remote Device
  2. Delete all default controls
  3. Add controllers you want to use on upper list of Generic Remote window
  4. Assign these controls to ‘Selected’ action of channels in lower list of Generic Remote window
  5. Connect Generic Remote to the MIDI port you want

I get that. But what is the selected action? I hope you undestood that I want to send a Track ID - the information of Midi Port and Channel the current Midi track is set to. I cannot find any “action” that would send that …
Wait a second … you are right! It dosn’t really matter, what kind of Midi signal that is! The port and Channel can be derived from that signal, because Max knows, which port and channel it comes from! Thank you! You figured it out! Hereka!

OK! I’ll go a bit into detais:

In upper list define a MIDI message (CC, etc) you want to send, make sure you have 'T’flag on it and give it a name (for example ‘SelTrk1’). Now go to lower window and assign ‘SelTrk1’ to MIDI mixer channel 1 and select ‘Selected’ as Value/Action.

Now repeat this for all your MIDI mixer channels.