Track Import Crashing

When i try to import tracks from another project to the one i am using Cubase 9.5.21 crashes.
Windows says the program has stopped working and Cubase then crashes.
Are there any special settings needed ?

Is it repeatable, a particular project/track…? Other projects/tracks ok…? What version of Cubendo was the project you’re importing from, made…? Is there a mis-match of sample rates/frame rates.? Had you ticked the checkbox to convert.? Was there a crash log generated.? I’m sure they’d ‘love’ to see that :wink:

It’s repeatable. Every time.
I posted to see if this is a common bug.
Try it ! select any project and try export selected tracks.
Then try and import them to another project.

Ok - so you are talking about Track Archives (I wrongly thought you were using ‘Import Tracks from Project’ - which is a separate feature).

I don’t really use Track Archives, but for what its worth, I just tried your suggestion and all was fine here (v9.5.21 project track export; into a v9.5.21 project using Import Track Archive).

Maybe someone else will chip in… :wink:

But honestly, if you have a crash log or you can provide more detail (one track/many tracks, copy/reference media, project versions involved, etc, etc…), it could all help pinpoint where the problem may be happening…

Good luck.!


I can’t find a crash log on win 7 64 bit