Track Import/Export Without Timecode

Hello all, a little bit of setup. I need to move a ton of tracks from one session to another and I need to do it in 30 sessions. So I use the export selected tracks option and then import track archive.

The issue is that when I do this it brings timecode into the new session. For various reasons I don’t want this. I know that you can edit the XML file and delete a certain passage to remove timecode but I can’t figure it out. Does anyone know how to do this?



Open the XML file. There is an object class=“MAudioEvent”…. In this object, find float name=“Start” value=“a number. Set this number to 0. This event will start at the beginning of the project.

Every single event has this object, and this settings. So you have to change it in every single object.

Use on your own risk. :wink:

Hi Martin, thanks for the reply. I think there is another way to achieve this which is less risky. Also not every event starts at bar 1.

We used to search for PArrangeSetup then delete from that object down to the next object but all of a sudden this stopped working. Anyone else know another way to get rid of timecode?