Track import: why exclude channel inputs?

Hello there!

I’ve recently done a recording in a different studio than my own and I’ve made a session for each song I wanted to record there. This other studio had alot of physical inputs from different AD converter sources (adat, madi, internal interface inputs, etc.). After the intitial input routing procedure, which take quite some time for the reason mentioned above, I wanted to use the track import feature to spare the input routing procedure for the other sessions. Unfortunately, the only thing that is not imported is the input routing for some reason. First I thought the reason was that the physical inputs did not exist in my prepared sessions, so i pressed F4 and loaded all the inputs the studio owner has prepared as a preset. But even after this, the input routing was not included after track import. I’ve checked the manual and the input routing is missing in the importable atributes. I’ve asked myself why this is excluded and if there is another workaround for this.

Cheeres, Tomess