Track Input Transformer - Easy access

I started using the Track Input Transformer to input parts read from a score for transposed instruments (i.e. Bb clarinets and such). It speeds up my input significantly. However, I don’t always pull parts for the track from the same written part, so I don’t want the input always transformed.
I’d like to see a quick way to switch the input transformer on a selected track (it’s really clumsy at this point) or on my input device so I moving around a score isn’t so much jumping through hoops.
Anyone have any thoughts? Or is it a real feature request?

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You don’t say what hoops you’re jumping through, but there’s the menu in in the track inspector

Hoop #1 - Pull down menu.
Hoop #2 - Select ‘Track’
Hoop #3 - Pull down menu again.
Hoop #4 - Select ‘Open Panel’
Hoop #5 - Activate a ‘Transform’
Now I can get to work.

To have it set for whatever track I’m working on (like the MIDI Thru does) and a menu (that I setup) with the presets I use. I realize the transforms can do quite a bit more than a pitch change, but I use that all the time. I have presets for Bb, Eb, A, F, etc. because transposing on the fly in my head pushes my cerebral CPU over the red-line…

If you are using the Score Editor you can set it up for transposing instruments so that the Score notates it as expected but plays back the transposed Notes. Perhaps you can use that in an alternative workflow that is simpler for you. Sorry I’m not at Cubase to give specific details.

Another approach might be to create a bunch of MIDI (not Instrument) Tracks where each has one of the desired transpositions setup on its Input Transformer. Then use the MIDI Track’s MIDI Sends to direct the now transposed MIDI to the Instrument Track with the VSTi on it. If you put this in a Template you’d only need to set it up once. Then recording with the desired transposition would only require changing one MIDI Send to point to the correct Instrument Track. In this scheme the MIDI Tracks would always be Transposing and you’d just tap into the one you wanted to use.

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There’s a key command to open the Project Input Transformer. That can reduce the amount of faffing. You could even set all your midi tracks to Project Input Transformer, then you can open the P.I.T. and modify, and switch it on and off from inside its window. Two hoops.

Very good suggestions, raino and Steve!! Now I’m thinking I could dedicate tracks to input in a transposed key and when I’m done entering the section, simply cut an paste it to the track I want it on.
Thanks, Gents… I think you’ve sped me up significantly…

One more option. Create Track Presets for each transposition & apply those to existing Tracks or to create new ones.

Thanks, raino…
I believe I’ll try the dedicated tracks for transpositions (Track Presets is a great idea) and cut and paste to the working tracks as appropriate.
Happy New Year!!