Track inspector when note editor open?

Does anyone know if it’s possible to have the arrange window track inspector available when the note editor is open? It would save me (and I’m sure others) a lot of time. Also, I’ve noticed that the solo button in the note editor is independent of the mixer solo button and so it’s gets pretty confusing. Here’s a mockup:



Ideally I want a unified window layout like Logic but I’d be happy with this in the mean time. Thoughts?

check out Edit in Place in the manual, might come close to what you want

The Solo button in the editor is so you can solo what you’re working on (as you’ve probably worked out). Find it very useful myself to be able to drop edits in and out of context without leaving the editor. It needs to be independent because you may only want to solo a few tracks while you work. And yes, I do occasionally click on the wrong one!

I tried this out when it was first added but I never ended up using it much after that. Maybe it’s time to give it a try again.

I understand the difference and I can imagine how the editor-specific solo would be useful. Often times I’ve got a few tracks solo’d and I want to solo one of those solo’d tracks when the editor is open, that works very well. Where it doesn’t work is when I’ve got a few tracks solo’d and then I want to open and edit a track that isn’t part of that solo group. Right now I open the editor and hit solo but because the mixer solo for the track I’m working on isn’t on I get everything in the solo’d group muted and nothing on the track I’m working on. The only way to resolve this is to close the edit window and add the new track to the mixer group or turn off all the solos.

If the track inspector was on the left side I could have access to both solo options on the fly. I usually edit the notes along with the plugins in the track… so I’m jumping between instrument, editor and mixer channel + inserts. I barely use the stuff on the left side of the editor now as it is. If they added all the track stuff as customizable modules it would be great :slight_smile:

You’re right! I’d never noticed, presumably because I always have things audible before I edit. It does feel that you ought to be able to hear what you’re soloing in the editor, regardless of what’s happening outside. There are other unpredicatable oddities to do with solo states in other areas too, such as when Mute automation is involved, but you’ll find other gripes about it round here too.

I don’t know whether it counts as a b-u-g but it can be a frustrating pain in the workflow. It might be worth persisting with this.