Track Instruments or midi+vstinstrument

I’m working on a template with (among others) 3 brass, tp, trb and tuba involving VSL libraries and using the VSL Instrument Pro plug-in. I wonder which of two scenarios I shall use:

  1. Creating 3 instrument track, one for each instrument or
  2. Creating 3 midi tracks and then route those tree to 3 instrument tracks

It seems that quite a lot of the videos around are using the last of those two solutions, but I can’t see the reason why. :frowning:
I have started to use the expression map feature, and find it a little complicated, but it works after all the fuzz, and ending up with just one track for the trumpet is after all quite satisfying, but maybe I overlooks something?

Of the instruments have different expression maps. You need a separate midi track. Plus channel and pay separation are easier

Meh, I’d do one Instr. Track each! Love how everything’s there in one track.

For template “sections” like you mention, you really should be using Rack Instruments.

For one-off sounds or instruments I often go to Inst. track for convenience.

Thanks for your feed back.

In 7.5 the difference is almost gone. Again, you can use an instrument track and add MIDI tracks if you need multiple expression maps, or per channel control (not required, but easier). Also, you can now have multi-out instrument tracks.

Hi All

I also prefer to have each instrument on it’s own track. I don’t use multi-timbral at all, even with Kontakt I load a new Kontakt for each instrument, I find I get less of a hit on CPU use that way. With lots of instruments in a multitimbral Kontakt setup, apparently it’s ability to spread the load over different CPU cores is compromised. Anyway I find it easier as the Midi and Audio track are the same thing, so navigation is a little easier, highlight the track in the main page and it’s selected in the mixer.

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A huge difference for myself is the fact that they still can’t be saved when selected. (save selected tracks) This is another broken or unfinished Cubase function.

Wouldn’t it be nice to “select all” meaning every track and save it? As it stands, if you select any track instrument the “save selected tracks” will not appear.

Something to think about before using instrument tracks.

The MIDI tracks and additional outs can be saved with the track preset, just not the group track and FX track routing. And, having single instance doesn’t fix that.

The answer to the OP is that their are different reasons to use instrument tracks, so there are different reasons to use the various ways.

For example, I use the Multiple MIDI tracks to single instrument track for VSL instrument tracks. VEP runs on slave computers, and is more efficient to use a single instance with a poop load of instruments. Many of the instruments in my remote frame have different expression Maps. Also, it is much easier to edit Midi CC automation if it is in its own track. Then I just highlight the tracks and open the Editor, so that all tracks can be edited from within one editor instance.

However, if I’m using synth/keyboard type things in Kontakt or Halion, I tend to load them separately even though technically I could have a bunch in a single instance of those programs. It’s just easier to deal with them in the project window that way. however, nothing would stop me from doing it the same way I treat orchestral setups.

I don’t think we are referring to the same issue. I’m referring to the mix console and selecting multiple tracks. If you select any instrument track the “save selected tracks” isn’t going to appear.

Here is a copy and paste from the OP in the link which is in the “issues” forum.

“If I select a Track instrument in the Mix console and click on triangle up right in the corner, I can not select “Save selected tracks…”. This function seems available only for others type of tracks.

I would like to save the entirely Mix console configuration for each different mix I perform to be able to recall one if I want to start from.”

In other words…include instrument tracks in the mix console when “save selected tracks” is selected.

When I watch ex. the demo from Blakus, he has separate midi tracks for articulations in LASS. LASS runs in Kontakt and you could have say the 1. violins in 1 midi track and change articulations via an expression map, but Blakus uses one midi track for sustain, on for staccato and so on. I use a lot VSL and all articulations of ex. a flute is accessible in the same VI. But maybe it depends on which VI are in use. Kontakt may work better in the setup with several midi tracks routed to on VI?


Strange are you sure? Have you disable hyperthreading in BIOS? Please don’t because it’s over 10 years you needed to do that old outdate fix. It were only needed with the first generation of I7. Turbomode, the same thing have it on.

Kontakt support multi threads- spread the load over all available cpu cores. You activate that inside Kontakt settings.
I use Kontakt 5 heavily everyday in my productions loading own sample instruments and commercial library.

Kontakt always spread the load equal on all 12 cores.
Cubase as well.

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Hi Freddie

Is that right? Hyperthreading should be ON, AND Turbo mode?? I just read so many things which said they should be off(even in the Steinberg DAW setup suggestions I think). However seeing as it’s you Freddie, I’m more inclined to go with what YOU say as your posts are always well informed. I also must confess most of the overload problems I had were actually to do with an overheating CPU (clogged fan) which I’ve since improved with a water cooled CPU fan (pretty cheap and works really well). Thanks for the post :slight_smile:

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I did miss the reference to the mixconsole. Sorry about that. But, the function does work on the project window. I believe the other behavior has already been captured as a bug/fr if I’m not mistaken … again. :laughing:

Hi Dave!

You are welcome. About 10 years back turbomode and hyperthreading didn’t work out with audio workstation.

The result were latency issues, crackle audio but that is just in the past now. Unfortunately it take years before people change back to the right settings again.

I think people need better understand why they make certain tweaks instead of make tweaks automatically because they found it on the Internet. A lot of misguided tips out there for sure.

I’m just trying to help so here is the correct settings for 2014.
Hyperthreading on the last 10 years in BIOS.
Turbomode on the last +5 years.

Activate it and you will see huge improvement compare having it off in BIOS.

Things that should be off in BIOS are C-state, sleep, speed-step. You can also go on and disable spread spectrum on both CPU and PCI ports. Disable spread spectrum can help especially if you plan clocking.

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I didn’t know it worked on the project page. But doing it on the project page would be so very unintuitive for myself because the only reason I use “save selected” is to save mix basic settings. Some users have asked for a undo so you can step back just like the history window except this would be for mix settings. We don’t have that so I think the next best thing is “save selected.”

Anyone else have any suggestions? I’m not talking about inserts/sends/routing on any track…just saving the fader positions.