Track lane cut issue

After recording multiple audio in the interval, when cutting on the lane, when I select only one and cut it, only the lane is cut correctly, but if I select more than one, all lanes on that track are cut. Isn’t this an bug?

(I tested the midi track and it’s the same)


I’m sorry, I don’t understand your description. Could you make your description in the step by step manner or make a screen recording video, please?

Yeah, true. I can confirm this behaviour. Not sure whether this is by design, it feels odd.

For Martin: Recording with multiple lanes. When you select two or more of the events in the lane the scissors tool behaves like as if you use the comp tool for cutting - it cuts all events on all lanes.


Thank you for the clip!

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This is actually great - I didn’t know about this! I used to very tediously try to cut the audio events across all lanes when editing my comps (otherwise, you get weird overlaps from events that weren’t cut/trimmed), so this is functionality is very welcome for me!

When using the Comp tool you can hold a modifier key (I think by default it is Alt on PC) in order to cut all takes at the same location.

The Scissors tool should only cut selected events.

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Oh, I didn’t know that - so thank you for the tip! I’ve been using Cubase for many years, and still learn something new about it almost every week. It’s a vast piece of software…

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