Track latency display

Here’s an new idea. Plugins introduce latency but when we are playing music we don’t have time to examine the specifications of every plugin, their latency and so forth.

Please include a display in each track that shows the latency of that particular track, with a warning when you add a plugin that increases the latency above a certain threshold (let’s say 50ms for instance). A little warning next to each instrument or effect that adds latency or a latency display for each plugin in the insert rack would also be extremely appreciated.

Whenever the latency is increased by either a badly designed instrument or an effect not meant for live, this would allow us to react immediately instead of wasting our time trying to find out where everything went wrong when we realize later that our fast runs are not precise because of some latency introduced along the way.

Hi. Isn’t there already a latency display in MixConsole ?

Yep it is here already : clic on “Set up the window layout” button top right in the mixer window and you can show the channel latency in the mixer.


Amazing! I’m really sorry, I totally missed it.