Track List. Option to lock the track height/width

Hi! Please allow the user to lock the track height/width.

This pointer symbol should not appear on tracks that have been locked.

Thank you!


A massive +1 from me (although I ran out of votes a long time ago).
It would be amazing if the track height can be locked independently from the currently available lock function.
It would be very helpful for users who take advantage of the many zoom functions and do not need certain tracks to follow the global, vertical zoom. Folder tracks immediately springs to mind e.g.

As a side note, it would be great if it were possible to use the PLE to perform conditional zoom function, such as “Only apply vertical zoom on tracks that are…”.


+1 from me as well, and I also ran out of votes. Can votes be replenished somehow?

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+1 still

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Yes, would be very useful.

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I like the mouse wheel zooming functionalities, but I hate that part when I zoom and the folders get zoomed as well.

Btw, the default output, the Group Tracks, and the FX Channels folders are working amazingly.

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