Track loop

That feature could be very useful. But if (in midi piano roll, in audio, I didn’t try) the track loop length is more than 3 bar, 4 bar, for instance, the track loop starts in its middle while the project tracks start at the first bar !

So the track loop is not synchronize to the project if it’s longer than 3 bars ! Really a pity because it’s much easier to work on a track loop where one sees the playback cursor than making editing in a shared copy container when the cursor is not in it.

So the track loop feature is not usable for a longer than 3 bar loop. Maybe I’m wrong but please, tell me how to use it correctly, then. :confused:

The track loop feature which appeared in cubase 5.0 (if I am not mistaken) never worked correctly when longer than 3 bars. Maybe, it’s time to fix it ! :open_mouth: 299€ :open_mouth: the update I paid from cubase 5.0, I’d like to have old issues like that one fixed !

Thanks for your attention…

Apparently, few people use that feature… It’s a pity because it can be very convenient.

I first tried to post it in the ‘issue’ forum section but it was a bit tedious, so I gave up : I like to spend my time differently. I just hope Mr Steinberg reads the other forum sections too.

It is easy to reproduce : you have a 1 bar midi snare container, copy it to the 3 next bar, transform it into one 4 bar container.

–> In the midi snare piano roll, switch on the ‘track loop’ feature, then draw a 1 bar loop. (of course in other midi tracks, you’ll have other instruments, like HH, BD, bass, brass, piano, whatever). It works correctly : the playback starts at the beginning in the project window AND in the track loop.

–> Now, draw a 3 or 4 bar track loop in the same snare midi container --> when you start from the beginning in the project window, in the snare midi container, the 4 bar track loop starts in its middle !! WHY ?
:question: How can one start the track loop always at its start, whatever its length ? :question:

Thank you.