Track Looping (Cycle Record/Playback) Causing Crash

Hoping someone with far more knowledge can give me a hand here.

I’ve been working on a project for the past couple of weeks, where I’ve had no previous crashes, and the project started “quitting expectantly” every time the project would reach the loop point (right locator).

I did the obvious and started removing any plugins (instruments and effects) that had been recently added with no success. I disabled the preferences, still happening.

The track will play from start to finish, let me edit, record and everything else but the second I enable the cycle record/playback button on the transport bar and it reaches wherever the loop point (right locator) has been set to, it will just stop, pause and then quit.

This project is all Midi based using third party VST’s and I also use Maschine (2.2.1).
Other projects have no issues using the same set up so I’m guesing I did something, but cannot for the life of me figure out what except that the loop is causing something to act up and quiting Cubase.

All Midi Thru’s are off on Maschine. No Slate plugins and I removes NI Replika as well, both of which have many reported problems.

Any advise is appreciated.