Track Marker issue

I’m having a problem with track markers when I render. I have long files, approximately 75 minutes, that are recordings of live shows. They were recorded in 24/96. I open the files in Audio Montage, place track markers and add my resample and dither plugins to the Master section. Then I render the file. However, when I do that, the markers get moved in the resulting file, such that they don’t correspond to where they should be timewise, and then I have to go back and enter them all over again. I don’t understand why this is happening. Anyone have tips?

In the output file format, select the sample rate that what you want. Don’t activate the option “don’t change sample rate”. In that case it will work as you expect.
This being said, WaveLab should take care about this automatically. This will be fixed in the future.

I tried that; it didn’t work. What’s really weird is that when I render and have it create a Basic Audio CD file at the same time, the tracks move into the CD, but they aren’t in the actual rendered audio file. I’m stumped.

It’s also weird because the first two files I edited last night, I didn’t have this problem. Everything rendered fine. Then when I tried to test if it was something in the files by re-rendering one of the first two, I had the same problem.

Not sure what you mean, but it works here if you do what I said and don’t select “Create basic audio CD”.

OK, I’ll try that then.

That worked! Thanks. I guess it was something with the Basic Audio CD being created at the same time.