Track Markers

HI, in cubase 10.5 is there anyway to color the individual sections of the track marker for example intr, vers, chorus.

The only way I can do it at the moment is with seperate track markers for each section on a new line see attachment.

Hi and welcome,

You can add only one Marker track and colorise all events in that one Marker track. Just select the Marker event and use the “Select color for selected Tracks or Events” palette. You can see the icon/symbol here. If this tool is not available in your Toolbar, click to Set up Toolbar and enable Coloraturas Menu.

Or you can add an Arranger track and colorise these events.

Would you like to do it other way? Like to colorise all parts/events of the section?

thanks, yes i wanted to color marker events in different colors, your advice gave the solution.