Track monitor and/or record arm button automation

I use Cubase in a live situation where the band (including me at the keyboards) plays synced over some sequences played by Cubase. I would like to automate the activation of the track monitor or track record arm to switch between the sounds I play at the keyboard without having to do it manually in any way. Any suggestions?
Thank a lot in advance.

No one? I can’t believe that in such big seq program there is no way to automate the activation of the track record enable button

Look up the auto punch in/punch out functions in help or manual.

Thanks! I know the auto punch but it’s not useful in my situation. I need automation of the track record arm buttons, not the transport record button

Perhaps you need to explain a little more clearly what you’re trying to do. You say you want to switch between the sounds you play at the keyboard without having to do it manually in any way, what does that have to do with track monitor or track record arm? Are you trying to use it as a looper? What would be your conception of how this should work? What would be the switching mechanism if there is no manual intervention?

You’re right, my english is poor :frowning:. I’ll try again.

In general I use Cubase in live situation this way:

  • I create several tracks with several assigned VST sounds (instruments)
  • sometimes I split the keyboard in zone, sometimes, when the sounds need the whole keyboard or are played in different sections of the song, I use the track record arm buttons to mute/unmute the sounds

Now the band is beginning to play over some sequences played by Cubase and I build the whole song structure with the sequences and the sounds I play live. The drummer plays with the click and everything is synced.
I would like to automate the muting/unmuting the sound I play live throughout the flow of the song.

I hope is clearer now but I’m not sure :slight_smile:

Muting/Unmuting should pose no problem - this is automatable - open an automation lane and select mute as the parameter you wish to automate. This is of course track based, but you can use linked groups.

Muting the MIDI tracks doesn’t mute live playing. I should automate the VST instrument audio mute but with multitimbral VST I’d have to enable multi output and it’s not very comfortable to take under control dozen audio faders, especially in live situations. Another drawback of VST audio muting is that every tracks would receive the midi notes and messages and in a huge project with many VST this could cause playback problems at low buffering settings. Anyway thanks for your suggestions!

Even if not the most comfortable way, I’ve found a workaround adding a Transformer plugin instance on one of the track midi insert slots set to delete incoming notes, then automating midi insert on/off and adding an All note off controller when turning on the modifier

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