Track Mute Groups

I want to start off by letting you know how impressed I am with the Cubase software. For years, I have fought off attempts of switching to in-the-box sequencing from my hardware setup. I used the Akai MPC4000 for sequencing hardware synths and I enjoyed the workflow that it offered me. I tried software from time to time but would end up finding something that would scare me back to my MPC.

Determined to make a switch to software, I researched several DAWs and even tried a few out but I couldn’t duplicate my existing workflow. I decided to try out Cubase because of the experience Steinberg has in the industry as well as the features that I gathered from the manual. Not only was I content with the workflow Cubase offered, I was able to do more quicker! Besides sample chopping, I don’t have any complaints about the Cubase software :wink:

I think it would be icing on the cake to offer a way to be able to ‘play’ whole groups of tracks, kind of like an automation lane, but in its own track. The way I would sequence on the MPC is to copy a sequence to the length of a song and then record mute/solo track events so that parts came in and out over the duration of the song. I think this process would be more efficient if I was able to create Track Play groups, so that each can be assigned to a pad, so that a pad press would mute/solo a whole group of tracks. In combination with the Track Versions feature, I would be able to not only mute/solo the tracks, I could also determine which version of the track is played in each track. Just an idea :wink:

Anyway, thank you for your time and hard work that you put in to make this beautiful piece of software!