Track muted while recording + overlapping clips muted

Dear all,

in cubase 10 the problem I mentioned time ago:

have been fixed / improved?

Basically: recording a track, the previous material still becomes muted? Is now a new function / way to let it play?

2nd question:

inside a track, overlapping clips still mutes the overlap area or is there the ability to have all the clips playing even in the overlap area?




For MIDI, all layers can play at the same time. For Audio, only one Layer of the Track can play at the given time.

Overlapping clips muted isn’t a problem… It’s a feature. See my post here

I prefer it the Cubase way. It’s perfect for drum hits. I want the over lapping clip to cut the sound of the other. We have Shortcut U: (Uncover) Bring to front and X: Crossfade to help here.

Here’s some workflow…
When using multiples of the same drum hit across a track, I drag the fade out from the left all the way to the right and draw my envelop, even if most of it stays at the top. We can do this at the start, before copying or (if the parts remain the same length) come back at any point. I use these commands A: Select All on Track, F: Open Fades and adjust the envelope for all in 1 go.

When the samples go into a fill or roll…
If the parts didn’t cut themselves when overlapped we’d get audio bleed, unwanted build up.
If we’d cut the parts to different lengths, to prevent audio bleed, the super quick workflow above wouldn’t work.

When dragging a new sample from the Pool/Media Bay, hold shift before releasing it over the old sample. This will give you the option to replace all in project or just that one. All the envelope setting etc will remain. Perfect for swapping out kicks and snares!

Take a look at my Key Commands list, > > … XlTYlIyb1E
It’s currently receiving a few tweaks, new ideas added.


not so good in my opinion.

Regarding my first question:
recording a track, the previous material still becomes muted? Is there now a new function / way to let it play?


Steinberg confirmed time ago that it will be implemented sooner (or later)…


Can you link to where Steinberg said they’d change this? Seems very unlikely. Hope they don’t.

They did - for sure - (it’s a bit hard for me to find exactly “where”, but they did - I remember clearly).

Anyway, if the new “function” is not inside Cubase 10, it means that it is not implemented, that’s all.



Quote is form the Cubase 9 forum:

gigasaurus and several others have previously commented on why Cubase prevents both overlapping audio clips to be heard. Studio One, Cakewalk, FL Studio and Reaper either allow both clips to be played or this feature can be turned on or off. This is so important to me that I dropped Cubase as being my main or secondary DAW. I say lets’ have it both ways so to maintain peace and harmony in the Cubase community.

To me it seems that the default should be to be able to hear both clips that overlap.
That is to be able to hear both clips that overlap is the easier and less complex way
because that is how multiple tracks behave.
Why chose the more complex way? Since Steinberg has already done the hard work
to prevent the overlapping audio clips from being heard why not now change course
and satisfy both groups. You changed your mind and will allow ARA2 for Melodyne!

Any changes regarding the overlapping audio clips that both can be heard?

In my case I have fades on both clips and I experiment to see how it sounds.
The workflow for me is easier especially if the selected track becomes solo.

Is there a plan to do this? someone had mentioned this before.
The best solution is to give a choice in preferences which will prevail.


No change on this. And I don’t expect any change. This is one of the basic Cubase behaviour.

Yes, this is one I hope they don’t waste time on. The way it works is the best way and gives us a lot of useful behaviour, especially when coupled with key commands.