Track Name Contractions In Mix Console

I think an issue of this nature was addressed in the recent update, but…

Wouldn’t it be better if track name contractions in the mixer did NOT include an ellipsis? Those three dots take up real estate that might otherwise present relevant information as track size shrinks.

As it stands, with my current project, for example, “SqueezeL” (used for accordion to save characters) ends up S…eL.

Even having a single extra following letter “SqL” would be very much more readable. In other words, the ellipses offer no information value whatsoever.

If I misunderstand and this is actually being considered already and I missed it, I apologize. Otherwise… am I alone in this, or does it bother anybody else?

This is NOT about the general look of the Mix Console (which, fwiw, I really dig). Just the… (I think the term used previously was) “algorithm” for representing track names when reducing track size.


Spot on +1

I can not agree more - I overlooked that topic so I started a new one regarding “font size in the mixer”.

The fonts needs to be smaller AND the way the name is cut with those “…” is suboptimal. I can not understand why they kicked a good way of doing this - in latest N5.5 ist is awesome - font size is cool and the names are compressed in an intelligent way.

like “acoustic guitar center” will be displayed like “acgitcr” or something like that - which gives me still the info!!
Now it is like “a…er” - that is way harder to guess…

Why? Did they fire the old dudes and now have kids instead who have to develop everything again?

Ooou yea!! Looks promising! Well - I do not have time to browse the Cubase board as well - so forgive me when I am posting about stuff which is adressed already…