Track names and panners in mixconsole in 10.5 now on black background?

I’m really liking the ability to colour entire channel strips in mixconsole, but really not loving the track names being displayed as white text on a black background.

Same with the pan controls - black background, no centre marking.

Tbh I wondered if there was something wrong with the mixconsole rendering on my system, because it looks weird and very stark against the rest of the colour scheme.

There’s no way way to change this is there? Why not just fill the entire space with the track colour?

I saw another post about this.

I’ve not updated yet so don’t have an answer. In a promo screen the 10.5 version shows fully colored Mix Channels including the bottom name field, but it may be that the published release only allows black? I hope that’s not the case because having the color breaks along the bottom of the Mixer would be perhaps one of the most helpful color setups.