Track names in brackets after bounce?

Just wonder if anyone knows the answer to this? Scenario;

Cubase 5.5.3. I decided to lenthen a track to add some bars for a solo. This involved cuts at bar 63 and then duplicating the ‘tail’, (alt, l click and drag), and dropping the copy at bar 95. I then glued each track and selected them one by one to do a bounce (from the audio edit). I then replaced the tracks with the new bounced version when prompted each time.

The name of the click track prior to this was 0 CLICK, but the name of the bounced version showed CLICK (CLICK). Same with the others. I just want to be rid of the bracket part but renaming in the info line doesn’t do it. The only way I have managed it, is to delete the track from the project, rename it in the audio folder, and then drag and drop it in again.

Thoughts please?

Edit - I didn’t rename it in the audio folder as the name there was just CLICK.


IIRC you need to delete the “description” (or whatever it’s called, not in front of Cubase atm.) in the info line right of the “name”.

Booting up now…

Oh my, this is weird TC…

If I DON’T glue the snippets together and just right click/ select all events on the track name, when I bounce and replace events, the name has no brackets (or description). However, if I DO glue first, then the description and the bracketed names appear, and the only remedy is to delete description as per your solution. So…

The resultant question is ; Do I need to glue edits together prior to bouncing or is the ‘select all events’ sufficient to work with? (It seems to be, at first glance).

Sub question ; If that is so, then why glue at all? (For handling easier when moving etc?)


You don’t need to glue before bounce. Glueing events that have been moved will create parts, which can consist of different single events. Therefore probably the description, since the name isn’t changed?! (I’ll have to re-check that though). Bounce creates a new audio file directly.

So, when edits overlap, Cubase ‘ignores’ (to all intents and purposes) the overlapped segment(s)? I mean, it only ‘sees’ the top layer?

What happens if you set the locators outside the part(s) that you want bounce? Is the extra added as silence to the new part or do you have to EXPORT and RE-IMPORT in order to do that? Actually, thinking about it, you probably just need to create empty parts in those areas prior to the bounce to add silence…

there’s no need for locators with “bounce”. And yes, usually drawing an empty audio event adds silence to the bounced file. Thoigh this was changed at some point IIRC. (I think with version 5 or 6 could be wrong though)

Just continuing my thought process where sometimes I want to add some silence to the start of a part as it doen’t line up with the start of a bar. (My OCD in tidy coming out!)