Track names to part names


I’m sure this has been asked before, but the forum’s search engine refuses to give results when I look for “frequent words” such as “name part track midi to” (even when entered between quotes).

I’m looking for a command or keyboard shortcut which accomplishes what Logic calls “Track Name to Part”. Imagine you have a MIDI track called “MIDI 07” and you record several parts on it, all called “MIDI 07”. Now, you rename the track to “Piano”. Is there a way to select all the parts and apply the new track name to them?


try pressing shift?

Ahem… Thank you :slight_smile:

I stumbled upon this. What do you mean by pressing Shift?
Say if i dragged a Midi part to a new track. If I want to automatically rename this part to the name of the new track,
how can i achieve that?



He means put a Finger (or as many as you like…) on the “Shift” Key and push it down…

It´s always the same procedure: You activate the appropriate preference…

I often have this problem with audio parts.

I started recording vocalists and at the end of the day, I give the tracks the appropriate names.

Just ‘pressing shift’ is not really an answer… Does it work with audio as well? What are the steps to take?

Come on dude, help the man out!

When you press enter after typing the new track name - just before that press and hold shift - an audio event on the track will pick up the new track name as well. I don’t know what will happen with multiple audio events on the track - whether they all will pick up the track name as well, but easy enough to figure out.

And, as always, this can be avoided often by naming the track before recording the audio on to it!

If you want to rename the audio event independently of the track name, or of other events on the track - highlight the track, then go up to the info line and retype the name there.

Hope that is helpful!

This was very helpfull! Thank you very much mate!

Pressing Shift+Enter when changing Trackname indeed changes the underlying parts as well!


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