Track outputs issue, using a multi-outs VSTi in an instrument track

Hi there,

I am using extensively 3 outputs for each instrument track in my template, and I encounter “funny” mixes of channels with other instruments (see screenshot below).
Bug is completely random and deactivating/re-activation tracks is not always working…

Any idea of to get that fixed?

Thank you :slight_smile:

In this example, I should only get the first 3 outputs until CW Picc. REAR. What’s below doesn’t belong here…

In the right zone, using the VSTi panel and choosing the Activate Outputs command on the Kontakt 7 slot, what do you have here ?

On my end, with Halion Sonic 7, and using the track header show/hide automation function, I get exactly the same number of output busses as presets chosen on the different preset slots (and it’s more or less the same thing for other multi-outs instrument I have at disposal, even if sometimes I have to define in it the amount of busses that I want to use) :

The main question is : how does Kontakt 7 behave, regarding this ? And, as a first workaround, have you tried to use Kontakt as an instrument rack instead ?

I have only 3 outputs activated, as it should. Same as you then.
NB: the audio routing is correct, only those extra outputs wrongly attached to this instrument (other similar bug happening here and there).

I have not used the rack instrument because I do not wish to setup my template this way haha

Do these extra outputs appear also as activated in the [right zone] > Kontakt 7 > Activate Outputs dropdown list ? And if so, can you directly deactivate them, as I can, here ?

No they do not appear on the VSTi. :confused:

Just in case… Did you try to restart Cubase in safe mode, using the Disable program preferences option ?

Just did, and the issue is still there :confused:

I don’t think this is a problem that Cubase generally has. It’s related to Kontakt I guess.
There is something that makes it unpredictable what happens with Kontakt in Cubase.

Same issue is happening when using SINE Player. My bet is on Cubase haha