Track outputs issue, using a multi-outs VSTi in an instrument track

Hi there,

I am using extensively 3 outputs for each instrument track in my template, and I encounter “funny” mixes of channels with other instruments (see screenshot below).
Bug is completely random and deactivating/re-activation tracks is not always working…

Any idea of to get that fixed?

Thank you :slight_smile:

In this example, I should only get the first 3 outputs until CW Picc. REAR. What’s below doesn’t belong here…

In the right zone, using the VSTi panel and choosing the Activate Outputs command on the Kontakt 7 slot, what do you have here ?

On my end, with Halion Sonic 7, and using the track header show/hide automation function, I get exactly the same number of output busses as presets chosen on the different preset slots (and it’s more or less the same thing for other multi-outs instrument I have at disposal, even if sometimes I have to define in it the amount of busses that I want to use) :

The main question is : how does Kontakt 7 behave, regarding this ? And, as a first workaround, have you tried to use Kontakt as an instrument rack instead ?

I have only 3 outputs activated, as it should. Same as you then.
NB: the audio routing is correct, only those extra outputs wrongly attached to this instrument (other similar bug happening here and there).

I have not used the rack instrument because I do not wish to setup my template this way haha

Do these extra outputs appear also as activated in the [right zone] > Kontakt 7 > Activate Outputs dropdown list ? And if so, can you directly deactivate them, as I can, here ?

No they do not appear on the VSTi. :confused:

Just in case… Did you try to restart Cubase in safe mode, using the Disable program preferences option ?

Just did, and the issue is still there :confused:

I don’t think this is a problem that Cubase generally has. It’s related to Kontakt I guess.
There is something that makes it unpredictable what happens with Kontakt in Cubase.

Same issue is happening when using SINE Player. My bet is on Cubase haha


Did someone find a solution to this bug? I just had the same issue here with Kontakt and Spitfire Player (K6, Cubase 12.0.70)


The output from BBCSO is attached to Kontakt (how is that even possible between 2 different players?!). I can’t move it, and when I delete it the BBCSO instrument remains here but without sound.
In the mixconsole there is only one output. It gets selected whether I select the BBCSO instrument or the Kontakt output in the project window.
This happened when I activated my tracks.

Let’s ask @Martin.Jirsak for some voodoo magic :slight_smile:

Thanks !

Edit :
Found a workaround by deleting the kontakt instrument (all output gone including BBCSO), then disabling/enabling BBCSO instrument.

Still the bug may happen again for no apparent reason. I wonder if it’s related to the mismatch of midi and instrument routing when enabling previously disabled tracks. This is another issue I reported multiple times over the last 2 years. Still waiting for a fix on that…


It seems, the issue occurs once you open the project and the collapse and expand the folder (where the Instrument track is). If you keep the folder expanded, then it shouldn’t happen.

At least this is my observation so far.

Not sure to quite understand what you mean.
I have a sub-folder for BBCSO, and another one for CSS on Kontakt. Both are in a main “Strings” folder. All were expanded when I enabled the tracks.

Do I need to always keep my folders expanded to avoid the bug, and scroll through hundreds of tracks?


This is just my personal observation/guess. Not a big or proper testing so far. But yes, to me it seems the issue appears after saving, closing, reopening the file and then expanding the folder.

Spitfire used the Kontakt engine in former times.

I know, I have several of their libraries, but Spitfire plugin and Kontakt are two different players with no shared component whatsoever. It’s not like Kontakt 6 and 7 for instance.
Maybe the issue is not dependent of the type of player. Still, Cubase doing this is a very strange and unpleasant behaviour.


I can reproduce it even with HALion Sonic SE.


Ok thanks, that’s a first step. Do you have more info if it’s related to the collapsed/expanded folder structure? Is it something that may be addressed with an update?