Track pictures assign to multiple tracks is still broken?

Can you imagine the time it takes to organise tracks made in old versions (I have over 100+ projects I’d like to revisit in Cubase vst score alone) or mixing a track for someone who send stems on 60 tracks for example. 60 times I’d have to go one by one adding pictures or just not bother. A workaround would be to open 9.5, add the pictures there and then go back to Cubase 11, but why should any user that’s paid to update need to go back to a previous version to do anything at all faster?

Please Steinberg dev team, can we get this and all the little omissions and regressions we keep banging on about finally fixed?

Track pictures issues


This is known and already reported issue. Thank you.

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Also, they don’t duplicate when duplicating track

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I have hundreds of user defined pics. There is currently no way of sorting these, even into alphabetical order, no way of folderising, no way of renaming… Try finding one pic among 300 random pics - huge time waster

yes, a simple track picture filter-search would be more than sufficient


Also known and already reported one. Thank you.


WHY is this not fixed, two years later? Imagine working with an orchestral template single-clicking 1500+ tracks. Same issue in Nuendo.

One of a few reasons why I’ve stuck with 9.5 :man_facepalming:

I abandoned using Track Pictures awhile back (for reasons unrelated to this topic). But here’s a couple of tips I figured out when I was heavily using them.

You don’t need to use the Picture Browser internal to Cubase. At least in Windows you can have an Explorer Window open and drag pictures from it directly onto the Track Picture area of a Channel in the MixConsole. On its own this is simpler than having to repeatedly open the Picture Browser on each Channel. But it also means you can use the built-in Windows Sort and Search functions which should help @ZeroZero & others find specific pictures easier. FWIW the Picture Browser in Cubase does sort them alphabetically by filename.

Also you can add the same picture to Multiple Tracks if they are Linked, not Quick Linked but the full thing. So Select all the Tracks and Link them add the pic and then Unlink the Tracks. Not really worth it for a few Tracks but for a bunch it’s useful.

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Is it fixed yet?