Track Pictures browser Keeps popping up!

Usually i simply select/highlight the track to make edits, etc…

Now every time i select a track in the main workspace the annoying Track Pictures browser pops up.

Is there any way to turn this off? Thank you very much for your replies. :sunglasses:

Yes - see manual / use search function…

Hi there,

This is an interesting point as this bizarre and highly annoying GUI issue used to want to make me scream every time it caught me out! :angry: However (and pardon my ignorance in advance if I am just imagining the following) but since the 7.0.3 update it doesn’t seem to be a problem any more (for me at least)!

I think that previously there seemed to be a larger undefined/invisible ‘hit area’ around the track picture so instinctively I would just click on the general area to select a track and constantly be having to close that annoying track picture dialogue! (aaaggghhhh) :cry:

As it is, until you mentioned this - I hadn’t really noticed; but there seems to be a defined ‘roll over’ state now which is based on the extents of the track image rather than the whole area - so it seems much easier to avoid! The only thing is however that the ‘roll over’ state is only employed when the track is currently in focus (i.e. already selected) which is less useful than it would be if it worked when you were simply exploring with the mouse, but any improvement/positive energy is a bonus!

Kat :slight_smile:

You are right…

After the 7.03 update there seems to be a smaller and highlighted area for the instrument icon selection…

Its still easy to click, but its nice to know that the folks over at cubase noticed the issue!!

Thanks for your response :smiley:

Also, for those who really just simply do not want the track pictures or button to be there at all - you can just right click on the track and about half way down the menu click “Hide Track Pictures” and the button is gone as well. Great!

Thanks Racer, going to turn track pictures off right now…


I was just about to complain about this when I opened the Forum and then to my delight found this post near the top.

I remember this was a Logic-thing to have track pictures, and its nice of Cubase to follow after and offer it too now, but the annoying pop-up window appears in the most logic place to click your track.

Clicking “Hide Track Pictures” now.

Although I haven’t updated to 7.03 I’m happy to hear the hit target area has been reduced. I enjoy having the icons!
Good news!

Thanks Racer, i too will be turning it off.

i want to keep the pictures but have the “trigger pad” turned off. ie i want to be able to set the pictures and then just “lock” them, and not have the damn box popping up continuously whenever i am remotely off by a few mm and click in the DREADED SPACE.

maybe a future update Steinberg please?

You just suggested exactly what I didn’t dare suggest myself as that would be too much for a lot of updates to come.

Its either use pictures and be annoyed and slowed down, or don’t use any pictures at all.

Right click for pictures in the same track area would solve this problem. So please Steinberg, please change left to right for this function.

Yes. Why is left click used anyway? Right click, or control-click would do fine. Even double click. We need to double click to open plugin, why not double click to open picture? C7 is so inconcistent…

yes! this would indeed solve the problem. great suggestion!! a single left click is just daft…why did Steinberg do it this way?

Maybe because some users want to keep the track context menu on right click, without having to aim where to click…


I just wanted to clarify that something I didn’t realise previously was that since the 7.0.3 update you now have to specifically focus on a track (select it) in order to actually enable the hit area in the 1st place (i.e. which explains why the roll over state doesn’t occur when roaming with the mouse). Sorry just me being a dumb ass :blush: - but I guess this is a kind of pseudo double click at least - which is good! :wink:

I do agree however that a double left click on the instrument icon (in general) is definitely a more pronounced and deliberate action than a single left click (from a cognitive perspective) but I have to say in all fairness that since the 7.0.3 update I really haven’t fallen once for the annoying instrument dialogue trap - so I’m much happier about the change(s) - what can I say…it works! :slight_smile:

man you dont think that “replace picture” could be a selection from the right-click context menu? obviously we are not suggesting it replaces right-click completely. pffft.

That´s what was suggested:

Not: “put it in the right click context menu”

use your head man. anyways glad you agree it needs to be done!

I’ve experienced some tracks showing the picture hover area and some tracks don’t. And the tracks that don’t show it will suddenly show it randomly and vise versa. Messy.