'Track Pictures' folder driving me nuts

Please can someone explain to me what this is, why Cubase keeps creating this folder on my desktop everytime I launch the program and more importantly how to permanentely disable or switch it off?

thanks! :sunglasses:

Are you using your Desktop as the Project folder? Because the Track Pictures folder should be created as a sub-folder to your Project folder.

Sometimes I do, if it’s a quick mix.
but regardless of that, how do I stop Cubase creating this unwanted empty folder?

In the Steinberg Hub (at startup), at the bottom of the recent projects list, there is a place where you select a default project folder location. You can also select for Cubase to prompt you for the location. It is likely that which is causing the folder to appear on the desktop.
Try changing the default location to a different folder.

Cubase method of keeping projects clean is perfect. So choose some other folder or use a default location, which is “My Documents”. It creates Cubase Projects there and Untitled, Untitled-01… for new projects.

check default location

If you use the Desktop as a place to keep Projects then you can’t. When a Project gets created a set of sub-folders is always created inside the Project’s folder. They are part of the structure that Cubase expects to be there so it can run correctly. One of the best things you can do is to always put each new Project in a folder that is exclusively for that Project. This will help you avoid all sorts of different potential problems.

Thanks for all the suggestions, I understand the points you make.
But my question is really is what is this folder for? what purpose does it serve, it’s always empty and older versions of Cubase never created a folder like this, what the hell is Track Pictures anyway?

rtm https://steinberg.help/cubase_pro_artist/v9/en/cubase_nuendo/topics/track_handling/track_handling_showing_track_pictures_t.html

I think you missed a letter. :wink:

And this reminds me why can’t we use Track Pics on Input Channels? It would be real useful to ID which input is the vocal and which is the guitar.

Awesome Idea!

I find them annoying and turned them off, the folder is still created.
Not that it bothers me in any way.