track pitch changes

Sometimes I’ll be improvising a lead track with a VST instrument and the track will shift to a different pitch. Usually it will shift up a half tone although it has shifted up to four tones. I close down Cubase and reload and it fixes it. Of course I’d rather fix it inside Cubase while open.

Any ideas?


Cubase 6, Native Instruments Komplete 7, Kore 2, ARP2600 V, Various Plugins, M-Audio 610 Profire Audio Interface - M-Audio Oxygen61 and AKAI MPK25 midi controllers, M-Audio BX8a Monitors, Windows Vista 64bit SP2, Intel Core i7 CPU @ 2.67Ghz, 12GB RAM

I have had this before. Every once in a while a pitch bend or modulation wheel message will be spuriously sent to Cubase from the controller. I was able to fix it by moving the pitch or mod wheel and putting them back to zero.
If you suspect your controller of sending spurious messages, MIDI Monitor can help detect them.

Is it possible that your hardware pitch bend is dodgy? I had a USB keyboard which sent pitch bend messages when you tapped it…

Also, there’s something else that rings a bell here… Cubase (or rather Steinberg) has decided that some controller values need to be reset when e.g. pressing stop. Obviously, #07 for sustain is a good example, but there are others which aren’t so obvious. And there’s no way of customising these that I’ve found. Now, in the past I’ve had to use Midiox to filter these out because they change things they shouldn’t on external hardware synths. And on other occasions I’ve had to redefine the controller number in the VSTi to avoid some similar sound changing problems. Could it be that perhaps?


If you are asking me, the answer is yes. I have checked my controller with MIDIOX (completely separate from Cubase) and I was getting modulation wheel and pitch bend messages uncommanded. I plan to order a new pitch/mod wheel assembly from the manufacturer ($8) when I get back home.

Check the controller lanes in the editor and see if there is any unintended controller data recorded there.


jaslan - Erm, actually, I was replying to robbyrock :blush: Could also use the input transformer to filter out the incoming rogue pitch bends of course.

I should expand to say that didn’t just use Midiox to apply a filter, I also MidiYoke to provide midi connections between Cubase, Midiox and my Midex8 USB midi box, and then a wire to the keyboard (!!). Bit of a faff but it works.


I found out last night that my controller is actually fine. It was a bad USB 3.0 port on my new computer. I will have to address that. Luckily, the computer is under warranty. The problem with filtering pitch bend is that you lose all pitchbend. The problem I was having was just an occasional, rogue, value. All is good now!
I hope Rob gets his problem figured out.