Track playing at a higher tempo than settings

I have a track where the tempo seems to be locked to something. The track is 110 BPM but when set to that its playing back at 120, with all the Audio pitched up.

This happens regardless of whether I use a tempo track, the whole thing just gets increased by about 10BPM for every setting. I’ve also noticed the clock is not in sync so for example when playing the track at the 110 setting after about the 4 min mark on the song, its at only 3:40 in real time.

I must have turned something on somewhere but for the life of me cant find it. Oher tracks are not affected.


Please make sure the Audio Device’s Sample Rate matches the Project’s Sample Rate.

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Thanks so much Martin, that was it. Not sure how that got changed in the project as all the others are at 48k, this was set to 44.4. I had seen a warning for it it earlier but thought it was only something to do with recording etc amazing how it can affect the whole project.

Thanks again.